Understanding every business has different budget requirements, Bilka Consulting offers several options to meet your needs. Learn more about them below to determine what might be the best fit for you.

  • Retainer: This option is usually best for companies requiring a variety of work on an ongoing basis. A set monthly fee would be established in which you’d be able to utilize an agreed-upon number of consulting hours during a pre-determined time frame. This would give you ultimate flexibility in the types of work you can utilize services for. This is often the best way for a company to control the budget being spent on contract work.
  • Project: You would receive a detailed project proposal for a defined set of work. For example: set-up of a newsletter, database analysis, or development of business forms. This can work well for short term or smaller projects, and makes it easy to know your budget going into a project.
  • Hourly with Limits: Some companies prefer to pay on a straight hourly basis for the work outlined in a contract. For budgeting purposes, it can be helpful to determine a “not to exceed” amount. An agreement can be established for approval of additional hours, if needed, to keep some flexibility for your needs.